assignment 4-1: preliminary observations about “The Falling Man”

Due: Monday 10/31
Format: Leave a comment on this post and bring your lists to class
Length: Two or three paragraphs

Read “The Falling Man” on pages 69-80 in the Course Reader. You’ll find that this essay has much more text than the other things we’ve been reading in class.  Junod’s essay is layered, fragmented, complex, and ambient.  It will help you to take notes as you read in order to track what you observe and to make sense of it later. As you work through the essay, make marks in the margins or underline passages that seem significant to you for any reason.

In Assignment 2-1 and Assignment 3-2, I asked you to make lists of your observations:

  • Notice details that stand out
  • List patterns of repetition and contrast
  • List anomalies – things that seem unusual, that seem not to fit the pattern

For this assignment, use what you already learned from these steps to take notes on your initial impressions of ‘The Falling Man.”  In a notebook, make your lists of details, patterns, and anomalies. Additionally, now that you’ve had more practice with rhetorical analysis, you might also note other strategies, key terms, distinctions, or questions you see in Junod’s essay.  After you, have made your lists in your notebook, write two or three paragraphs about what observations/patterns/anomalies/strategies you think are the most significant (and why) for understanding and interpreting “The Falling Man” at this point.

Leave your paragraphs as a post on this blog. Bring your notebook with your lists to class on Monday. We’ll be using your notes in small groups during class. Also, bring your textbook.