assignment 3-4: forming interpretive questions

Due: Wednesday, October 19
Format: Leave a comment on this post
Length: At least two questions

In class on Monday, we returned to our observations about “A.D. New Orleans After the Deluge.” (Check out this document [RTF] to see a list of these observations.)  We tried to explain some of these observations as choices or strategies that Neufeld is using to accomplish a purpose, with an audience in mind and a context at hand. For Assignment 3-4, write two (or more, if you like)  interpretive questions about “A.D.” We will discuss these questions in class on Wednesday.

You can use the DK Handbook page 108 and page 120 to help you. Please give your questions a lead-in or a bit of context so that we know where you’re coming from and so that you are not just rephrasing an observation from the list as a question. For example, don’t simply ask

Why does Neufeld make his comic all about black vs. white?

This question is too broad, and it gives no context for what you mean by “all about,” “vs.” or how you think Neufeld actually handles the issue of racial division. The question doesn’t add anything to the discussion because it simply takes a binary from the list and poses it as a “why?” question. Instead, do a bit more work by being specific and adding some interpretation to your interpretive question.  To be more specific, you could cite a passage or a particular scene as an example, you could define/analyze a key term in your question, or you could explain a point of uncertainty in your thinking so that we know where the question comes from.