assignment 4-5: reflecting on your writing

To be completed in class on Monday November 7. If you are absent, you should attach the Assignment 4-5 to your Junod essay (Assignment 4-4) and get both assignments to me a.s.a.p. in hard copy format.

On page 6 of the Student Guide, one of the reflective goals states that your final portfolio reflective essay will

…account for and evaluate the choices made in the interpretive essays by… considering the writer’s own composing and design strategies given the purpose, context, medium, and audience.

Given this course goal, re-read your essay drafts as they are now and write a reflective essay in which you identify your purposes, context, medium, and audience. Looking back at pages 2-11 in The DK Handbook might be helpful as you decide how to approach doing this. It may also be helpful to reference the statements of purpose your wrote for your Kalman and Neufeld essays.

Then, analyze several writing choices or composing/design strategies that you used in your writing for these essays, in light of how you identified your purposes, context, medium, and audience. Be sure to provide evidence from your own essay to support your claims; discuss specific places in your interpretive essays that serve your purposes.